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A tale of the old west. a tale of love, loss, and redemption.

It’s sheriff Chucky’s wedding day. ( The Rock Chucker ). A day he plans to hang up his badge and rock belt. Then suddenly a bad man who’s timing sucks, seeks revenge on The Rock Chucker.

As Chucky prepares for the fight of his life at high noon, he is unaware of an evil that’s devouring the town he loves.

Hour by hour chucky must race against time to try to save his town and the woman he loves. As the horror spread’s Chucky must join forces with an unlikely band of hero’s.

A bad girl with a heart of gold, who dreams of someday not being so bad.

A beautiful woman who’s sort of ashamed of her past, but makes good money doing tricks.

A Texas Ranger with a song in his heart and a dancing horse.

A Guy What’s Got No Name, but has a dog named Bark.

Native Americans that are peaceful, and some not so much.

In the coming week ,day by day, hour by hour, all these and more face something so unspeakable, that they would rather not speak of it.

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Deal End Date: 2023-04-01

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