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The Suppressor by Erik Carter



Silence Jones is the legendary assassin feared by the criminal world, a righteous vigilante backed by a covert group hidden deep within U.S. government.

Yet even legends have their beginnings…

Silence’s previous world is shattered in a single night—his fiancée murdered and his body destroyed. Left for dead, clinging to life, his brutal revenge leaves a long and bloody trail.

But when his employers discover that the people who killed his fiancée have much bigger plans in mind—plans with deadly implications for national security—will Silence be able to refocus his rage in order to stop a catastrophe?

The first standalone action thriller in the pulse-pounding new series. Enter the world of Silence Jones. Hold on tight…

If you like action heroes with the steely resolve of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, the calculating will of Gregg Hurwitz’s Orphan X, and the raw power of Mark Greaney’s Gray Man, then you’ll love Silence Jones.

Unlock THE SUPPRESSOR and start your Silence Jones mission today!

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Deal End Date: 2023-06-11

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