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The Tangibly Reel 1970s Movie Quiz by S. A. Burke


Cinema of the 1970s was adept at meandering loosely along its central plotlines. The protagonists were doing whatever they were doing, but a whole universe was allowed to luxuriate in the background. Even when the central conflict was expressed frenetically, there was plenty else in the air to conjure pleasure. Similarly, this quiz book is more master shot than close-up. The questions and answers are not rattled off for a competitive readership. Rather, they are left to breathe and take in their surroundings, making this experience as much a read as it is a test.

If you are happy with how we pace things around here, let’s begin:

It’s 1970, and you have just entered a diner. A disgruntled, mature waitress is being schooled in service.


Genre: Non Fiction

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