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The Turnaround 2 by Robert Curry


Robert Curry is a business turnaround consultant with twenty years of experience. In The Turnaround 2,sequel to the bestselling From Red to Black, Turnaround Specialist, Robert shares the true story of how he transformed another multimillion-dollar company.

To bring this company back into the black, Robert faced down a brand-new recipe for disaster: a part-time bookkeeper, a confusing website, low morale and productivity among the sales team and technicians, an unappealing retail showroom and building exterior, an unsafe warehouse, and more than $700,000 in disorganized, excess inventory. Most importantly, the company’s management was in shambles.

As you’ll learn in this third book in Robert Curry’s Losses to Profits series, fixing “surface” business issues like these isn’t enough to save a company. A solid turnaround plan must solve the issues that caused the problems in the first place. Throughout this book, you’ll have a front-row seat during Bob’s step-by-step investigative process, coming away with essential business tips and strategies to navigate the road to financial success.

Genre: Non Fiction
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