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The Turnaround by Robert Curry


Growing Sales by 271% and Profits by $5,000,000
Fortune 500 business leaders don’t call Robert Curry the “profit improvement consultant” for nothing.
Robert Curry is a business turnaround consultant with twenty years of experience. In this sequel to the number-one ranking business book From Red to Black, Robert faces his next big challenge.

This particular company had a surprising problem. They were doing $48 million in sales.

But they were losing $1 million in profits.

In spite of dysfunctional leadership and inefficiencies in every area of the company, Robert made this business profitable again—in only thirty days.

And in the pages of this book, you’ll discover Robert’s techniques to:

Eliminate nonproductive employees,
Generate operating budgets,
Implement spending controls,
Improve financial reporting,
Upgrade corporate policies, communication, and procedures,
Establish fresh corporate and personal goals,
And grow revenues to $130 million.

In The Turnaround, Bob shares his profit improvement skills and tasks with you so you can turn your business from red to black or ensure you’re able to keep your own business in the black as you grow.

Genre: Non Fiction

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