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Transformative Awakening by Caleb Birch


Do you feel that the spiritual teachings of religions are confusing?

Have you ever had a fundamental change in your beliefs?

If so, you may be on the verge of a spiritual awakening. In Transformative Awakening, Caleb Birch explains the process he went through when his belief system changed. Guilt and fear can keep you stuck in something that you are not. Self-acceptance can help set you free. Even if you have been disappointed by religious systems, you can find enlightenment and fulfillment on the positive path. It’s time to take off our spiritual kid gloves. In this book, you will explore:

How to embrace your sexuality as a spiritual person

Why blind religious belief can cause unhappiness

Why people go to church

What the value of the Bible is

What happens after death

How you can increase your spiritual evolution

How to use your energy to transform your life

How freeing yourself from your mind can help you overcome guilt and fear

Genre: Non Fiction