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Type 1, Year One by Michele Segura


Type 1 diabetes may be personal, but that doesn’t mean you are alone in learning how to successfully live with this autoimmune disease.

Meet Michele, the courageous and inquisitive mind behind Type 1, Year One. Drawing from her personal experience, she shares how she navigated the current treatments, research, and technology to help her teenage son achieve a healthy, active lifestyle and maintain normal glucose levels within six months of being diagnosed.

This book offers an inspiring message to those overwhelmed with type 1 diabetes. Whether recently diagnosed or struggling for years, let this be your Year One to thrive with better diabetes management.

Type 1, Year One details the methods Michele and her son used to:

Dial in personal basal and bolus strategies beyond just counting carbs.
Manage glucose levels while being active and why it is so important for insulin sensitivity.
Achieve normal glucose levels and increase the amount of time spent in a healthy glucose range to minimize short- and long-term health issues.
Tackle school and college accommodations.
Travel with peace of mind.
And so much more…
Join the author as she takes you from her son’s diagnosis day as a junior in high school through his first “diaversary” and into college life. You’ll experience their journey from Michele’s perspective as the caregiver and Jonathan’s insight as the individual living with type 1 diabetes.

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Genre: Non Fiction

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