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Unleashing Your Mind’s Potential by James Peters


At a pivotal point in my life, everything seemed to crumble around me…
I had recently experienced two big losses.

My father died of cancer at the beginning of the year and lost my four-year old son a few months later.

On top of that, I found myself wrongly accused of a crime I did not commit.

It was a challenging experience that could have led me down a path of conventional ‘recovery’ involving medication and labels prescribed by the system.

However, I chose a different route.

A route that helped lead to the creation of the content in this book.

In Unleashing Your Mind’s Potential, you’ll discover:

How to put a stop to automatic negative thoughts
The skillset of forgiving yourself and others
How to redefine yourself in a more authentic way
The impact of expressing gratitude
How to make your transformational journey exciting
How to rewire your brain through needs-specific mindset coaching
As you delve into the profound wisdom within these pages, you’ll uncover the secret to overcoming your past and forging a path to happiness.

This empowering guide will show you how to break-free from the chains of negativity, master the art of self-forgiveness, and redefine your authentic self.

Genre: Non Fiction

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