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Why Cannot? by Chang Loong Choa


What does God think about Christians dating or marrying non-Christians?
What should our attitudes be towards couples who are already in an unequally yoked relationship?
How should we teach such a subject to our children or to our church members?

Why Cannot?
One of the most common responses I get when I converse with people about Christians dating and marrying non-Christians. I try my best to assure them that it matters not what I think. Rather it is what God thinks about unequally yoked romantic relationships that truly matters. That is what this book is about. God’s view on the subject.

This book aims to take a thoroughly Scriptural look at God’s view on Christians dating and marrying non-Christians.

Included in this book is a section with a ready template for churches or small groups to implement a three-session study on unequally yoked romantic relationships, complete with reproducible worksheets and teacher guides.


Why Is This Such A Huge Problem?

Why Would God Disapprove of Interfaith Marriages?
A Golden Chain
Old Testament Examples
What About Interfaith Marriages Under The New Covenant?
Is It A Sin?

God’s Ideal for Spiritually Healthy Marriages
The Priority Of Spiritual Compatibility
Pursuing That Ideal Picture

The Key to Joy and Fulfilment
The Power Of Relationships
Interpreting Our Observations Rightly
Trusting God’s Goodness, Heeding God’s Instructions
On God’s Terms, Not Ours

Implementing An “Unequally Yoked” Study Series In Your Church
A Suggested Program
Approaching The Subject With Sensitivity
Selecting The Right Teacher
Program Objectives

Final Thoughts

Preaching It

A Suggested Program
Suggested Program Outline
Session One Worksheet
Session Two Worksheet
Session Three Worksheet
Guest Couple Interview
Open Book Test

Teacher’s Guide
Session One
Session Two
Session Three
Open Book Test

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