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Your Attitude of Gratitude by Sensei Paul David


Gratitude can be used as emotional medicine by everyone. Allow this book to inspire you to find more peace and wisdom without awkwardly having to work at it. Learn to ‘flip the script’ on pessimism with reasoning and facts that make sense.

This practical book offers simple ways of using gratitude for people curious enough to learn and experience effective habits designed to serve in ways that focus the mind, improve your mood, and strengthen your relationship with yourself as well as with others for life!

‘Your Attitude of Gratitude’ is aimed at helping overcome times of uncertainty with exercises based on science. The approach is to connect simple insights and practices with long-term emotional benefits for better living. A perfect book for adults (both young and wise) ages 13 and up. Enjoy! provides high-quality, transformative self-development books and guided meditations for people of all ages at any stage in life. The ability to spark change in an individual depends on the quality of information available to him or her. Sensei Publishing is committed to providing quality and research-based content that will add value to people’s lives by improving their experience as they journey towards becoming the best version of themselves. – It’s a great day to be alive!

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Genre: Non Fiction